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 Projects druing ''ONE UNICEG Refugee and Migrant response''





We had three different project in partnerership with UNICEF in the context of the technical mission, operating under the '’ONE UNICEF Refugee and Migrant response''. The main objective of the project is developing additional professional qualifications of personnel employed in the field of social security, to enable provision of better response and services due to social changes brought by current migrant crisis. To assure quality integration of refugee children with their families and UASCs identification of key professional competencies to work with the target population is needed.



Project organisation


Social chamber of Slovenia, Ukmarjeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project partners

UNICEF Slovenia – Slovenian foundation for UNICEF, Dunajska cesta 5 , 1000 Ljubljana

Duration of the project

25. 9. 2016 – 31. 12. 2017



Purpose of the project and project activities


“Strengthening of social welfare system on child protection issues including standards and protocols of working with refugee and migrant children and unaccompanied and separated children”


The ongoing situation of refugee and migrant, who were on the move and are currently trying to rebuild their lives in Slovenia, has shown that the child protection system response in the field of migration, including in the field of protection and integration of children, is relatively weak and underdeveloped and seems to be ad-hoc and fragmented.
There are 11.170 professionals in the social service sector in Slovenia, out of which 250 professional workers (according to Article 69 of Social Security Act) are working with children and youth. This number does not include workers providing financial social benefits aiming children and youth (eg. in-cash child assistance, kindergarten subventions for pre-school children).
Social Chamber of Slovenia, central professional social welfare association is, according to Article 77 of Social Security Act, performing a number of duties, including determination of content and implementation of professional exam, obligatory for all professionals working in social services and planning and organization of continuous professional education and training of professional workers and associates in social security organizations.

Since currently there is a gap in professional instructions for professional exam related to child protection, standards and protocols of working with refugee and migrant children and no specific standards developed for professionals actively working on the field of social protection and welfare, the following two main objectives were identified for this programme :

1)    Update and upgrade implementation program for the professional exam in the field of social protection on the topic of child protection, standards and protocols of working with refugee and migrant children.
For the preparation of updated and upgraded programme for the professional exam, an expert group consisting of 6 professionals will be formed, who will work on the contents and materials. Programme will be verified as standard part of professional exam by Social Chamber of Slovenia and will be, from 2017 onwards, targeting approximately 140 individuals who approach professional exam yearly.

2)    Prepare starting points for education and training programme in the area of 'child care' with an emphasis on working with refuges children with families and UASCs.
Preparation of starting points will include expert group of 6 professionals from the field. Education and training programme in the area of ‘child care’ will be, targeting professionals and associates from public and private organizations providing social, health, education services for refugee and migrant children and UASCs.

‘’Strengthening of child protection system for refugee and migrant children and UASCs''

Integral part of 2016 collaboration was online survey conducted by Social Chamber among 28 front-line staff from social services organisations, working directly with UASCs showed that key competencies and skills of professionals working with refugee and migrant children and UASC should include ability to cooperate, empathy, needs assessment skills, commitment to act ethically, respect of diversity and dignity of human beings, understanding and respecting of intercultural differences and commitment to children and human rights.
Research also showed that almost half of the organisations working with UASCs do not have SOPs. Currently there are SOPs for working with refugee and migrant children and/or UASCs for CSW, MOI and Student Dormitories.
Half of the respondents are familiar with relevant legislation, but they feel rather insecure and are constantly double-checking their understanding of it, meaning that legislative framework is fragmented and over-complicated.
Research indicated most pressing gaps in competencies and skills and need to address them with tailor-made educational and training programme enabling strengthening of skills and capacities of front line workers ability to assure rights of refugee and migrant children, including UASC are protected and to proactively respond to children’s needs.

3) Operationalization of training curriculum and programme through trainings for front-line workers in the area of child protection with an emphasis on working with refugee and migrant children with families, including UASC.

4)  Determination and accreditation of competency framework for social protection professionals and associates working with refugee and migrant children and UASCs.  

‘’Advanced psychosocial training for child/social protection professionals’’

Based on the findings and recommendations of the CP mapping exercise, the Inter-ministerial Steering Committee, consisting of Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (hereinafter MoLFSAEO), Ministry of Interior (hereinafter MoI), Office for Support and Integration of Migrants (hereinafter OSIM), Ministry of Justice (hereinafter MoJ) and Ministry of Health (hereinafter MoH) prepared joint, inter-ministerial Action Plan for 2017 where UNICEF support is requested with following activities:
5) Three two-day advance training courses on psychosocial assistance to vulnerable children, including refugee and migrant children are implemented.

6) Supervision is provided to Asylum Centre staff working in Ljubljana and Logatec facilities.



The Secretary-General:

Vilko KOLBL, MA.


Project coordination:




Phone: +386 1 292 73 16


Socialna zbornica Slovenije

Ukmarjeva ulica 2

1000 Ljubljana


Phone: +386 (0)1 292 73 10





Official working hours of Social Chamber of Slovenia: 

  • morning: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm

  • afternoon: Wednesday from 14.00 to 16.00.

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