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Holistic approach for successful integration of migrants








The project ‘’Holistic approach for successful integration of migrants'', approved as part of the Call Erasmus + 2016 EAC / A04 / 2015 of the key measures of Cooperation for innovation and exchange of best practices and campaigns KA202, strategic partnership in the field of vocational education and training. The main objective of the project is the development of innovation.



Project organisation


Social chamber of Slovenia, Ukmarjeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Project partners

Internationaler Bund e.V., IB Süd, Heusteigstr. 90/92, 70180 Stuttgart, Germany

Croatian Red Cross, Ulica Crvenega križa 14l, 1000 Zagreb, Croatia

SOS Children’s village Macedonia, Risto Shishkov 25, 1040 Skopje, Macedonia

Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for vocational education and training, Kajuhova ulica 32, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Gerontological research institute, Radio cesta 11, 1230 Domžale, Slovenia

Duration of the project

1. 9. 2016 – 1. 9. 2018



Description of the problem 


In the last year, migrant issues in the EU become global issue that requires a proactive response on national and transnational levels of various European and Slovenian institutions. In the next few months, individual countries, in accordance with the decision of the EU, will have to integrate a certain number of migrants (SI will have to integrate 576 migrants, DE 50 times, and HR 1.7 times the odds of SI). Successful integration of migrants should be based on a holistic approach, supported by a high level of professional competence of experts in the field of working with and for migrants. The project "Integrated approach for successful integration of migrants" will be created and established by optimal model of an integrated approach for successful integration of migrants into the Slovenian environment in the field of education, social security, healthcare, public administration, work-employment sector and other relevant areas. Partner institutions from DE, HR and MK have extensive experience in working with migrants, because for the long time, the main immigration flows are directed to the so-called Balkan migration route. These are reputable institutions, which are also confronted with the specific needs and expectations of the "new" profile of the migrant. We can confirm that a unified, comparable and professionally supported comprehensive approach, which would generate successful integration approaches, has not yet been established in the partner countries. This is the aim of our project.



Purpose of the project 


The purpose of the project is to design and establish a holistic approach for successful integration of migrants, which will allow professionals of different fields of education, social and health care, employment sector and other areas further specific and professional education and training to work with migrants, standardized verification of professional the qualification of professional staff working with migrants, established the basic starting points for the creation of a new national professional competencies "coordinator/counsellor working with migrants" unify practice of working with migrants and created the opportunity for the participation of experts in various fields in the context of coordination networks to work with migrants.



Project activities


Project activities will resulted in the following project results: (1) a program of education and training (E&T) systems of experts in various fields to work with migrants; (2) an updated and upgraded catalog of skills proficiency check for professionals and employees in the field of work migrants; (3) professional basis for a new professional qualification "coordinator/counselor working with migrants"; (4) Guide trainers/training providers; (5) The model of co-ordination network of experts on the integration of migrants. 


Objectives of project activities and the final results of the project generate a synergetic effects at three basic levels:


  1. At the level of the target groups and other actors such as the empowerment of professional staff and employees of different areas and institutions with key professional competencies in education and training programs for work with migrants within integration efforts. It also represent an opportunity for intensifying knowledge networking and professional cooperation of experts in various fields. 

  2. At the environment level as a unifying and upgrade different practices and approaches of work at local, regional, national and transnational, which will be integrated responded to the needs of "new" profile of a migrant in their integration. It will also be an opportunity for the creation and understanding human and multicultural society that goes beyond discrimination, marginalization and stereotyping of migrants;

  3. On the institutional level as the strengthening of structural capital about the phenomenon "new" profile of a migrant in the project also to involved all the institutions and have the opportunity to establish continuity institutional cooperation of different countries.


The project will use relevant qualitative and quantitative methods.


Key activities of the project are: (1) a snapshot of identification of environmental interests and examples of good practice in the partner countries; (2) Preparation for the starting points of E&T program for work with migrants, to update the catalog of knowledge proficiency check professional staff and for the preparation of new national professional qualification' coordinator/counselor working with migrants, for the establishment of coordination network of experts for integration of migrants (3) training of specialists, (4) pilot implementing of new program education and training systems to work with migrant and coordinating a network of experts on the integration of migrants (5) evaluation of the pilot implementation, (6) manufacture, use and durability of following project results, (7) communication, promotion and dissemination, and (8) the completion of the project.


Project results:

01 - Vocational education and training program for professionals working with migrants

02 - Catalog of skills proficiency check for professionals and employees in the field of work migrants

03 - Professional basis for a new professional qualification "coordinator/counselor working with migrants

04 - Guide trainers/training providers

05 -The model of co-ordination network of experts on the integration of migrants :


The Secretary-General:

Vilko KOLBL, MA.


Project coordination:




Phone: +386 1 292 73 16


Socialna zbornica Slovenije

Ukmarjeva ulica 2

1000 Ljubljana


Phone: +386 (0)1 292 73 10





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